• “In less than six weeks, I have seen gains of between 10% to 12%.” — Burk S. from Provo, UT

Ultimate Wealth Report Mission Statement:

Safety first, safety second — in short, the ultimate in low-risk, high-gain investing.

Ultimate Wealth Report's primary focus is on riding trends safely. Within every emerging trend there is a safe haven — an eye of the storm — where safe, low-risk gains are available.

Seasonal trading is one such classic safe-haven technique. When played properly, each sector has a moment on the calendar when, as if on cue, momentum predictably swings up or down. For example, biotech, which see-saws from in favor to out of favor, is just one of many sectors that has predictable "safe zones" that can be identified as entry and exit points savvy investors can use to their advantage. Those unfamiliar with the seasonality of these markets, however, often sell when they should hold or buy.

Ultimate Wealth also helps you identify the outright game-changing trends, like 3D printing, for instance, and the ripple effect these changes provide in the form of amazing lower-risk investing opportunities that offer tremendous upside.

In the Ultimate Wealth Report, the goal is simple: to help you use known and changing trends to stem the tide of rising inflation. Ultimate Wealth Report will direct you toward the smart places to put your money.

Ultimate Wealth Report is edited by Andrew C. Carpenter. Andrew is an award-winning former journalist, a former columnist for the Shanghai Security News, and the globetrotting editor of two legendary newsletters.

As editor of the China Club and Asia Business & Investing, Andrew was the first American newsletter editor to bring Main Street investors directly to China for one-on-one meetings with publicly traded Chinese companies.

He previously worked in finance at the Republican National Committee and was a media consultant to Robert Ehrlich's historic 2002 campaign that saw him elected as Maryland's first Republican governor in nearly five decades.  Andrew lives in South Florida with his wife, the famous value investor Lynn Carpenter, and a black cat.

As a reader of the Ultimate Wealth Report, you will be empowered to take charge of your future and look inflation square in the eye, with tools to outsmart the government's reckless policies regarding the dollar.

Ultimate Wealth Report

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